As part of our efforts to promote safe responsible and ethical hunting we have undertaken to produce a set of geo-referenced (showing your location on the map) hunting maps of Victoria.

These maps are excellent in that they show all 4wd tracks, contour lines, geographical and topographic features.

The maps, available below, are provided as a guide for hunters wishing to hunt deer in eastern Victoria. They provide details on the status of land and whether or not deer hunting is permitted.

These maps are geo-referenced. When used with the mobile phone application “PDF MAPS” they show your exact location on the map via your phones GPS…just like the NSW state forest maps available from the DPI website. The maps work in all areas, even where there is no phone reception.

So far the following maps are available. Should you need a map of a particular region please feel free to let us know in the comments section below.

Map 31
Tolmie. Including Spring Creek, Broken River, Barwite, Tomahawk Creek, Rose River and Cheshunt South.

Map 32
Abbeyard. Including Dandongadale River, Dandongadale remote and Natural Area, Buckland River, Buckland Junction and Ernies Rest.

Map 41
Wonnangatta. Including King River, Howqua River, McAllister River, Humffray River, Mt. Sarah Natural Features and Scenic Reserve, Mt. Selwyn Creek and Catherine River.

Map 42
Dargo High Plains. Including Wongungarra River, Thirty Mile Creek, Dargo River, Spring Creek, Cobrungra, Victoria Creek and Louisville.

Zastava VICMAP_31

Zastava VICMAP_32

Zastava VICMAP_41

Zastava VICMAP_42




A guide to how to download the maps and use them with the PDF MAPS application is attached. The guide is published by the DPI and is intended for the NSW state forest maps but once you download the files to your phone the principal is the same.