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About Us

Zastava Hunting Association (ZHA) is a NSW hunting club established with a focus on education and conservation of animal game species within Australia. Founded in 2013, ZHA has been active in supporting and educating its members and the broader community in ethical and sustainable hunting practices. At Zastava Hunting Association we believe in preserving natural habitats by educating our hunters on ethical and sustainable hunting practices. We are currently achieving this through our Hunter Education Program. Zastava Hunting also believes in keeping alive the spirit of hunting, practiced by our ancestors which has been passed on in tradition and spirit. Our vision is to promote acceptance within the community of hunting as a noble sport and make hunting accessible to everyone.

Event Calendar

Nothing from July 2, 2022 to August 2, 2022.


Hunting ClubPistol Club

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Zastava Pistol Club was recently founded in 2019.
The club is in response to a growing interest in sports pistol target shooting and competition pistol disciplines.
Joining Zastava Pistol club has loads of benefits:

1. Pistol Safe Handling and Firearms Safety Courses
2. Local shooting range, based in Cecil Park
3. Good variety of club pistols for use by members
4. Friendly and dedicated team always there to help
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Hunting Code of PracticeLicencingNSW Public Land HuntingHunting in VICFirearms SafetyGame Hunting Information

 1. Hunting Code of Practice

Responsible Hunting

  2. Licensing

Apply for your licence online
Service NSW

  1. NSW Public Land Hunting

    Information on what game animals species can be hunted is available on the NSW Department of Primary Industries Website. Click here.
    Information on NSW forests and approved hunting regions can be found here.
    Maps of State Forests in NSW and data on feral species numbers in the state forests are available from the NSW DPI, however you will need a NSW R licence number to access this information. Click here.

4.Hunting in VIC

An comprehesinve information pack on Victorain Hunting is avaiabel from the VIC Game Management Authority. Click here to access.
Detailed maps of deer hunting regions in Victoria are available from the VIC GMA. Click here.

 5.Firearms Safety

Use of firearms
You must not carry a loaded firearm or use a firearm on any thoroughfare or place open to or used by the public for passage with vehicles.
Also, you must not carry a loaded firearm or use a firearm in a town or populous place (eg. picnic area, camp site) or on or over any area of public land, where hunting is not permitted.
Never shoot across public roads or tracks or towards populated areas, including camping and picnic areas and walking tracks.
Be aware of personal safety
Many hunters today wear camouflaged clothes, which makes them difficult to see. While concentrating on the hunt, there is a possibility that you could be mistaken for game by another hunter.
Always positively identify your target before you pull the trigger. Under no circumstances should you ever shoot towards movement or noise.
To ensure your safety and the safety of other hunters in the field, it is recommended that all deer hunters wear some form of bright coloured clothing or hat when hunting.
Overseas studies have shown that deer cannot see colours such as blaze orange and the wearing of these colours will not affect your hunting success. Many hunters have taken deer in Victoria while wearing blaze orange clothing.
The wearing of some form of bright coloured (i.e. blaze/safety orange) clothing is also recommended when you are carrying a carcass out of the bush. This will ensure that other hunters do not mistake you for a deer.


  1. Game Hunting Information

It should be the aim of every hunter to improve their knowledge and skills so that they can obtain the most benefit out of their recreation.
This section provides information that will help make you a better hunter.

Deer in Australia:


Distribution maps

* The Australian government publishes information on the distribution of feral species across the nation. See the link for national feral species population maps. Click here.

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Or you can join us at our weekly club meetings on Thursdays from 7pm at Bonnyrigg Sports Club

Club Details – Official Approvals
ABN: 77 108 759 821
NSW Firearms Registry Club No. 411275279
Incorporation No. INC1301368

Contact Phone number
0421 470 946
Mr. Marko Kalapac